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"I promise to transform my own anguish concerning the present and future into something tangible which is honest, altruistic and beautiful. My commitment is through my art and without being superficial, a message of hope to society, my community and the world at large."

About the Artist

Janni Louise Fewster is a Melbourne-based visual artist, who works primarily with oil paint, acrylics, pencil and digital tools. Janni's work creates and explores both natural and imagined worlds.

Recent projects have seen Janni delve into themes of emotional projection, and explore the potential for empathy between humans and animals. Janni sees a growing divide between the lives of humans and animals, and so strives to produce work that creates an interface for humans to thoughtfully connect and empathise with other species. Janni understands that empathy and compassion is needed to curb endangerment and extinction.

Janni is a keen and capable design collaborator. In addition to her own artistic expertise, Janni has received training at the Node Center in Berlin for art curation, at Swinburne in Melbourne for Multimedia Design, has spent time working in creative agencies, and was Head of Curation at Australia's largest online art marketplace, Bluethumb. Janni currently works as a brand design specialist on a freelance basis.

Janni is not an artist who takes herself too seriously. Accompanying compelling themes, one often recognises whimsy and a probing curiosity, intended to evoke wonder in her audience, and inspire positive change.