5 reasons to sketch as a hobby

Mr. Squiggle was onto something.

A hobby is an activity of leisure for pleasure. Alternatively, it's a small horse or pony. Mr. Squiggle- creative genius, combines the two. Squiggs would leisurely create said pony (upside down! upside down!), from random shapes, with his 2B nose. Honestly, I've never seen the smug, pencil faced, moon man, unhappy with his work.

Hobbies are great because they take your mind off daily stresses, whilst injecting a bit of fun. Drawing and sketching is my jam, and I spread it thick. Spreading it a bit thinner as a hobby is a healthy addition to any lifestyle. There are numerous benefits to sketchy behaviour. Below I've curated my top 5!

1. Sketching is a great way to up your creative skills and start thinking differently.

Art shows you that there is normally more than one way to solve a problem. Sketching encourages open-ended thinking and creativity. These skills are super helpful for personal development and solving problems, and can be applied in all areas of life!

2. Sketching helps develop different areas of your brain.

Fact! Sketching increases your ability to focus and pay attention, a skill that can be very useful throughout your life and career. Putting pencil to paper also develops hand-eye coordination and nurtures strategic thinking. That's right! Big picture thinking. It's almost impossible to start drawing a picture without doing your research, envisioning how you'd like it to end up, and planning what you need to do to nail it and hang it on your wall.

3. Sketching can even improve your holistic health.

The more you sketch, the better you get, the better you feel about it, the better you feel about yourself. Capeesh? Make like Squiggle, practice often, and start feeling proud of your art. Then carry that fresh brew confidence with you, throughout the rest of your life. Having confidence in what you do - whatever it is - is incredibly powerful.

4. Relaxation is one of the main advantages of sketching, as a hobby.

Sketching allows you to sit back and create a picture at your own pace. There are no rules and no one telling you what to do, you can just draw whatever you want and have fun doing it.

5. Sketching can also help you improve your communication skills.

There are no words in a drawing, well, most of the time there aren't. Visual Artists find ways to communicate with others without the spoken or written word. Sketching to self-express helps you better understand and process your feelings and emotions, without words or conversation. So, with practice, the act of sketching broadens your ability to communicate and connect with different people.

All of these advantages come from taking time to draw something you want to, however you want to. The benefits of this hobby are incredible and really can help improve your life, not just your walls. 😉

Just saying.


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